You’ll Know Exactly What to Do

Anna Margolis
4 min readApr 1, 2020


The next story I want to share from our creative writing circle last week, is by our visionary Jedi Sherpa, Paul Cooper.

To recap, in my recent posts, I’ve mentioned that there are two key collective story arcs that I’m tracking playing out right now:

(a) A New Genesis Story

One that recognizes and integrates Humanity’s current evolutionary story arc, up until now.

And that’s now lovingly calling us into a new story.


(b) A Story of Individuation and Sovereignty

One that speaks to the end of attachments and dependencies that would now hinder a process of growth and maturation into a free Being who is in direct relationship, communion and service with/to the one true Source, through the natural process of involution.

Involution meaning,

“that period of time devoted to……the building of the vehicles through which the spirit in man manifests.”

The last few posts that came through Brooke, Merlin and Iryna, brought us through Humanity’s current evolutionary story arc up until now, reminding us how all of that Cosmic, Ancient and Natural wisdom is integrated within our Beings and has prepared us for this very moment.

And now comes Paul’s story.

The way I hear this voice is that it comes from Inside.

It is both our human self and our Soul Self.

It opens with such refreshing vulnerability.

Offering such relatable emotions in the midst of the current uncertainty.

While providing an invitation into greater presence with and sensitivity to how we’re feeling;

Offering a voice of unwavering reassurance:

Inviting a sinking into it.

Inviting stillness.

Inviting the breath.

Inviting relaxation.

Lovingly guiding the thinking-doing Mind back to where all things come from.

Inside the body.

To the feelings.

Normalizing and inviting the feeling of all of them.

From the terrifying to the exquisite.

Back to the place where Life is always guiding us.

And we’ll know exactly what to do.

His expression feels like such a simple, deeply loving and empowering invitation into participation with that process of involution.

That process of growth and maturation into a free Being who is in direct relationship, communion and service with/to the one true Source.

I’m grateful for the clear and humble expression of Truth and Goodness, and the confirmation of the innate value of cultivating stillness, presence and sensitivity to our bodies and the Guidance that’s available within.

With love and blessings,


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The simple truth of my heart is.

I’m scared

I don’t know what to do

I’m not sure how to show up

I don’t know how to contribute

I don’t really know anything


This is frustrating

But wait……….

There’s something deeper here

Something softer, more supple

I’m letting myself sink into it

I hear a voice

It says……

I was born for this time

I know exactly where to be and what to do

Stay still, listen, I’ll show you

Everything you’ve been through until now has prepared us for this moment

You may not see how all the pieces fit together yet

That’s ok

Breathe, be still

What comes from stillness?

All things come from stillness

It is in the stillness that we connect with all that is

But what about all these feelings that come up?

Well, how about feeling them?

But they’re uncomfortable and I might not be able to handle them

Really? How do you know that if you haven’t felt them?

Well I guess I don’t

But if I let myself feel all these feelings how am I going to get anything done?

Given that the whole world is in quarantine and there’s a global permission slip to do nothing I’m not going to answer that question

Just trust me let’s try something you’ve never tried before

Slow down, breathe

Keep breathing

Ok this is great and all but isn’t there something I should be doing?

Slow down, just breathe

Relax into the softness and suppleness

Feel the resilience and the strength

Feel the steadiness of the beat

Feel the connectedness to the earth

Feel the love for the people in your life

Feel the fear of losing those people

Feel the excitement of new horizons

Feel the anticipation that comes from the challenge of facing the unknown

Feel the playfulness that is finally getting some room to breath as the world slows down

Feel the gratitude for life and her wisdom in the way she guides us

Feel the reverence for all that is

From here, we’ll know what to do, where to be and how to show up

By Paul Cooper



Anna Margolis

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