Why The Bonds That Exist Between You Are What Matter Most In Your Collaborative and Co-Creative Endeavours

Now that we find ourselves living at a time in the world where more and more of us are either confined to our homes or encouraged to be at home;

Where our routines and commutes have been disrupted and working from home has become the norm;

Where medium or long term “job security” is no longer guaranteed or even necessarily desirable;

Where government money is often being provided to support and subsidize many of us in the face of all the disruption;

It makes sense that, rather than relying wholesale on the system into perpetuity, more and more of us are starting to explore the possibility of collaborating or co-creating around starting a business, a non-profit, or a land-based sustainable community with the partners, family members or room mates that we find ourselves in closer proximity with.

So let’s imagine that you and a small group of people that you care about, decide that together you want to pursue a vision, a cause or work on something that you really care about.

Whether that’s a business, a land based community, or a non-profit…..

What are the chances of that vision actually coming to life and being successful?

According to the statistics and to conventional modes of thinking, mixing family, friendship and business, is a recipe for disaster.

Because when you start to mix money and goals and business activity with the things that your heart is most connected to, it can all too easily create the conditions for an emotional tinderbox.

Because when you care deeply about something, and you’re investing all of your time, attention, energy and resources into it (and into the people you’re creating it with) the stakes are high, emotions will likely run hotter than usual, and when things don’t go as planned, people are more likely to get reactive.

Even just in light of the pressure that comes from trying to keep the resources flowing or the discomfort that comes from witnessing and experiencing how much money gets burned through in the continual failure of the endeavors (which is to be expected as short term failures and real-time pivots are simply par for the course in any creative endeavour).

And so what we see time and time again (and what the statistics show) is those relationships falling apart and the people that began really caring about each other and really caring about the shared cause, end up in conflict, oftentimes not even able to communicate with each other because of how hurt they are by how things went down.

And that can not only be really hard to navigate through together when we’re full-on activated by our deepest emotional triggers;

But it can also be heartbreaking (and really expensive) if we don’t actually emerge with our hearts open on the other side.

And the truth is that though it may just be that you were in it with the wrong person, and that by them (or you) leaving, it addresses the core issue……

…..but it may also be that in order to navigate the global cultural and business landscape shifts that are happening right now, we all just need to learn how to get along with one another;

How to open our hearts even when it’s hard;

Even when it hurts;

Even when it feels reeeeally vulnerable;

To stay in connection through and beyond the triggers;

Keep communicating;

And keep creating;


Even as the landscape that we’re creating in and the expressions of our visions keep shifting and changing.

And what better way to learn than on the journey of co-creating something you love with the people you love?

Because the bonds of love and/or appreciation that you feel for the people that you’re choosing to make this kind of journey with will be the most significant factor in keeping you all going.

As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration

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