When Does It Make Sense to Consciously Uncouple? — Avoiding Bad Agreement Breakups

  • One was a business partnership between two female best friends.
  • One was a loan agreement between two female best friends.
  • One was a marriage.
  • standing up in our power and learning to express our perspective, feel our emotions and communicate from the heart;
  • getting into right alignment with the Divine;
  • getting into right relationship with the other person; or
  • consciously uncoupling so we can move into alignment with others we resonate with more fully;
  • Show up to the hard conversation;
  • Express the uncomfortable thing;
  • Feel and alchemise any emotion that’s arising in the connection;
  • Recognise if/where this is a repeat pattern in your experience and genuinely take self-responsibility for creating that in your experience;
  • Once the emotion has moved and you feel less vulnerable, it’ll be easier to let your guard down and open your heart back up to the other person/people;
  • Be clear about what’s important to you going forwards;
  • Then you may even be able to remember and get back in touch with what united and excited you in connection with this person/people in the first place and see if that’s still alive for you;
  • If it is, you may wish to explore that further with a view to reconfiguring your relationship into right alignment;
  • If it’s not, then you may choose to part ways consciously and lovingly without holding the other person as wrong or leaving anything as unresolved in your system (including self-judgment).



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Anna Margolis

Anna Margolis


As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration