What It Takes to Become a Man Capable of Freeing a Woman’s Heart

Anna Margolis
3 min readApr 2, 2020


The next piece I want to share from our creative writing circle was by a deeply loving and caring masculine embodiment, Thomas Radtke.

While Max’s expression in my last post was one of vulnerable transparency where I viscerally felt him sitting with the thoughts and feelings that can come up for so many of us as we just sit in silence and stillness, Thomas’s piece landed in me as the revelation that occurs on the other side of sitting in presence and feeling the depths of what’s there.


A deep integration and an interconnectedness with everything; a union with all of Life.

His address to the Father is a mature one;

An individuated one.

From a man that has come to appreciate the Father (personally I received this like he was addressing Jesus) and how he has taught us to truly live from the heart, interconnected with all of Nature.

And a recognition of the Truth that it is already so.

Poetically and openheartedly expressed from a perspective that integrates all of his many lives and all of existence (neatly wrapping in the previous pieces by Brooke, Merlin and Iryna), encompassing all the different archetypes of man, accepting and loving of himself and at the same time humble in his openness to guidance from Source.

Beautifully articulating the simplicity of being as “the arriving of the wholeness of self and all there is simultaneously”, and the power of love in the “full surrender to the heart strings of all life.”

Thank you Thomas for opening to “the substrate holding the possibility of all there is” and allowing that to become the truth of your heart such that this transmission could come through.

With love and blessings,


The simple truth of my heart is to love. To be the deep interconnectedness that life is, that I am. To be in deep union with all life, all the cosmos and all there is.

Dear Dad, I want to know the places you are in, be in the uninhibited expansive fullness of life you are in. I have come to appreciate who you were here on earth, and I want to know all you are now. Your soul has been calling to me. Its reminding me to live unabashed, to play, to risk, to love, to follow, to lead, to be, to laugh. My heart wants this for me, and for everyone. Like the fish, the dolphins, the algae, the krill all floating and moving within the current and flow of the same ocean, same tide, the waves, I seek the interconnected play, acceptance and life cycles between all humans, animals, plants, and elements on this earth. In that, the truth is it is already so. The simple truth is that I am one with everything, I am everything, I am all my lives, all existence here and now. In this, in all that I am, my simple truth is that I look for guidance, even as it comes through me, and is my own guidance.

My simple truth is that I accept me, I love me, I appreciate who I most deeply am. The power of love, giving, receiving, in the full surrender to the heart strings of all life, lived by love.

The simple truth of my heart is that I am a farmer, a healer, a lover, an example, a man, a father, a shaman, a chef, a holder, I am whatever is needed, whatever is desired, whatever is called forth.

The simplicity of my heart is truth, authenticity, vulnerability, alchemy, openness, agitating, comforting, presencing — it is being

What is being? Being is the arriving of the wholeness of self and all there is simultaneously. Similarly the wholeness of the time as all time happening now. Inclusive, allowing, steadying, receiving, and giving. Open to the substrate holding the possibility of all there is. I recognize this through me, and in writing it i recognize it as the becoming of the truth of my heart.

-By Thomas Radtke



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