The Fruits of Feminine Reunification: A New Love Story Embodied — Part II

Anna Margolis
7 min readSep 16, 2021

It’s fair to say that my last few posts have largely been focussed on articulating many of the shadow elements of the Feminine that can all too easily disrupt and undermine our creative and co-creative efforts.

In them I shared how in being confronted by the force of Unconditional Love in my relationship with Diana and the archetype her human embodies, it mirrored back and revealed all the places in my own system where I was rejecting, avoiding or averting both letting love in and emanating it out.

Which is all essential stuff to have awareness of, and to be willing to address, in the context of any intention (individual or shared) to be creating, embodying and emanating a creative or co-creative field of Unconditional Love.

Which makes all the sense in the world, right?

God doesn’t have gaps in Unconditional Love.

And so it’s all perfectly and exquisitely Divinely orchestrated, for us to be walking, unfettered, liberated, integrated and incorruptible emanations of Unconditional Love.

And if that’s what we’re truly devoted to then, thankfully, the shadowy-sh*t that I’ve been sharing up until now is far from the end of the story.

From this place, it seems that whilst Disney was diligently crafting a multitude of love stories into our consciousness about the relationship between the princess and her prince, the wider Love story, which includes how we as women relate in Love, apparently slipped through the cracks (and by Love, I mean something so much bigger and more universally encompassing than just the romantic kind).

So, it feels time to bring a newer and more encompassing Love story to the forefront.

And to illuminate the abundant fruits that are born of Feminine reunification.

Because as Diana and I have stayed in the journey and traversed through and out the other side of these many layers of contraction together:

……..without compromising, meeting each other “half-way”, making agreements around our behaviour or mitigating our expression;

…….holding firm to our devotion to co-creating and occupying a field of…



Anna Margolis

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