She’s Illuminating The Beauty of Unfolding Grace

Anna Margolis
3 min readApr 1, 2020


The next story I want to share from our creative writing circle last week, is by treasured Elvin Earth Mama, Iryna Oksaniuk.

Her expression stood out to me as the perfect Feminine complement to Merlin’s unconditionally loving and supportive Father.

I received it like a transmission from the Divine Mother, and from Gaia herself, through Iryna’s creative vessel.

To me, her message was a call to open to the frequencies of “the song of Life.”

A call to make our selves available to dream and express our inspiration;

To follow the Light.

To listen to the essence of the Earth and the elemental wisdom of creation.

A reminder that it’s all already here, as we simply Breathe.

In the depths of our ancient wisdom; the knowing that we have all the capacity of Nature within us.

And heralding the New Genesis, as we are “awakening from the deep sleep, raising our wings, witnessing the rise of a new sun.”

Her tone is comforting and reassuring as she illuminates the Beauty of unfolding Grace.

And lovingly guides us back to the roots of community in which we grow and thrive.

Like the Father in Merlin’s piece, the voice of the Mother is encouraging and elevating us;

Affirming in her last line that the new human is being born.

“In you.

From you.

Through you.”

Can you feel it?

With love and blessings,


The simple truth of my heart is….
Life is never going to be same again. Every moment is a unique precious taste of exquisite reality that is being created.
The vast well of possibilities, the depth of my heart are all dancing together in the rhythm of sacred breath of Mama Gaia.
Interstellar and intergalactic frequency is the song of life, pulsation of eternity.
The Word wants to be written.
The Dream wants be dreamed.
The life wants to be witnessed.
Following the light, listening to the Earth.
Guidance. Mastery. Initiation.
Follow the harmony of the Breath.
Inhale. Exhale.
Listen to the silence in between.
We are remembering. Remembering how to fly, remembering to crawl. Remembering the depth of waters of our ancient wisdom.
The illusion, the cage, the self punishment is the shell that’s crumbling into pieces, dissolving into brightness of the light.
We are awakening from the deep sleep, raising our wings, witnessing the rise of a new sun.
The mind struggles only because it can’t grasp the Beauty of unfolding Grace. There is nothing to do. There is only to be.
Embrace the Earth essence. The elemental wisdom of creation.
Ignite the fire, water the soil, trust the spaciousness of air, listen to the heart of the Earth.
Collective consciousness speaks. In community we grow. In Community we thrive.
We are breathing together. All connected to the Tree of all life. Breathing as one loving organism, alive, fully connected to all life.
Master Creator. The essence of creation, has no name, shape or form. It is the consciousness of all that ever is.
The new human is being born. In you. From you. Through you.

By Iryna Oksaniuk



Anna Margolis

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