Reunifying Feminine Archetypes in Service of Unconditional Love — Part I

Anna Margolis
6 min readSep 15, 2021

Recently, in an expression that felt not unlike an Ayahausca purge, I shared a confession.

I ripped aside the veil revealing the darker aspects of the feminine that had been expressing through me, often successfully undermining my conscious efforts to architect my reality in alignment with the deeper truth that lay in my heart.

That same day, Diana Fleischmann, posted her own version of the same thing.

You may have noticed that it’s rare to see one woman post such a raw exposé on social media, let alone two.

But it felt significant to us for us to do it together.


Because to be in a truly co-creative relationship with another woman (and by truly co-creative I don’t mean a collaboration where you both have separate businesses but you’re working on a discrete project together);

But rather where both women are working in true interdependent synergy in service of a shared vision;

Then it’s valuable to not only be aware of what goes on under the surface, largely outside the conscious awareness of women in relationship with one another, but also for each of us to be fully and completely prepared to own it.



Anna Margolis

As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration