Powering Your Vision With The Universal Force of Love and Light Through Your Heart


a problem cannot be effectively solved at the same level of thinking at which it was created.

  • Intention is creative and future-directed — it uses symbolic thought to create a future as an idea or vision;
  • Through the act of intending, we stretch our thought and imagination toward that future;
  • How Nature’s intelligence follows intention; and
  • Through aligned action, we bring our intention forth into reality.
  • Your intention for your business, non-profit or community is to resolve a problem of the current world inside the symbolic space of your imagination and ideation and to create a new and more beautiful world;
  • Your intention uses symbolic thought to create a future as an idea or vision of that more beautiful world;
  • Einstein teaches us to envision the values, principles and designs of that new world, rather than the current world;
  • That vision then beckons and engenders alignment from us as individuals and as a group, with the values, principles and designs of the envisioned world, rather than of the current world;
  • We are then required to embody those values, principles and designs and to act in accordance with that new world;
  • Since Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, we want to utilise and align with Love to actualize our vision, which requires us to keep our hearts open and to radiate the energetic signature of that new world through our hearts, while we stay in connection with the others on our team who are embodying it into fruition with us;
  • All of which is the journey of initiation and alchemy that you’ll be walking together.



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Anna Margolis

Anna Margolis


As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration