Is The Umbilical Cord of an Entire Civilization Being Severed into Sovereignty?

Anna Margolis
5 min readMar 30, 2020

The simplest Truth of my Heart is that in the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, I’m excited.

Somewhere deep in my being, I sense that we’re collectively at the inception point of something new.

Something unprecedented.

A birth.

A genesis.

The rising of a Phoenix from the ashes.

I imagine, in reading that, many people would immediately dismiss it as naive or an overly spiritually cliche.

Or maybe label it as delusional, emotional by-passing that doesn’t fully take into account the magnitude and severity of the fragility of the infrastructure that we’ve been existing within;

That we’ve been dependent upon;

And the inevitable meta-cascade of disasters that we’re now facing as a species.

Like teeny tiny people (like the ones in the movie, Honey I Shrunk the Kids) surrounded by a veritable Amazon Rainforest of dominoes that are already toppling and are heading our way fast.

The overrun healthcare systems that are built for efficiency being stretched to their limits.

People not being able to get critical care for other things because the hospitals are already full.

The impact on the workforce.

The economy.

The financial system.

The geopolitical situation.

Or, perhaps some would wonder how I could be so brazenly optimistic and light spirited while more and more stories of the underbelly of the ruling elites are coming to the surface.

Child sex trafficking, pedophilia and the horrific acts of human mutilation, and sacrifice that are being brought to Light.

As the group known as the Cabal or the “Deep State” is being systematically dismantled from behind the scenes.

As waves of (potentially complicit) CEOs who are stepping down at record rates are barely making the news.

And European monarchs and Hollywood Stars seem to be “contracting”, rather conveniently, the virus that has suddenly appeared on the scene as a global pandemic.

It’s really not my intention to be insensitive here.

I know that there are people all over the globe who are very afraid, very stressed, pushed to their limits, scared for their families, their livelihoods and their lives.

My heart goes out to those people who are getting sick, have sick family members, or who have been living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s heart-wrenching.

Those experiences are very likely excruciating, as the discomfort contracts and twists and turns in the body, pushing all the uncomfortable emotions that we’ve never really allowed ourselves to fully feel (because we don’t know whether WE can handle that, let alone the people we love);

Pushing all that latent stuff, right up to the surface.

So raw, so vulnerable, so exposed, questioning everything, losing or desperately calling upon faith, potentially even staring death in the face……..

Most people have probably never spent so much time in such close proximity with their loved ones, which let’s face it, can be SUPER triggering of all of our deepest frustrations, resentments, insecurities, judgments and avoidance mechanisms (to name a few).

So believe me when I say, the intention here is not to be insensitive.

But I can’t help wondering…..

What if this were like cutting the umbilical chord that’s been wrapped around a newborn baby’s neck?

From one lens the umbilical chord has been the source of the newborn’s survival, it’s nourishment, it’s energy.

But on the other hand, now that the baby is out of the womb, that umbilical chord is no longer fit for purpose.

It would limit the baby’s ability to grow.

It’s ability to create and contribute.

It’s freedom.

And, it’s even strangling the baby now….

I’ve found myself contemplating, what it would take to cut the umbilical chord for an entire civilization?

To cleave it from it’s attachment and dependency on a source that no longer serves its development.

And for it to become re-Sourced, and generative, from a space of innate creativity.

If there’s one theme I’m seeing all around me right now, it’s the letting go of attachments and stepping into individuation.

It’s the process of maturation into sovereign, free, self-generating, aligned, self-sustaining beings.

It’s women no longer taking money from Dad to support their lifestyle.

Whether Dad is an overly protective Jewish, Indian or Muslim father, who is worried because you’re not married and/or hasn’t quite fully accepted yet that your life choices render you outside of the cultural norms.

Or whether Dad is now a partner, a boyfriend, a husband, an investor or a benefactor;

Or an organization, a company, state benefits or some other patriarchal institution that the dependency has transferred to.

It’s men ending the unhealthy relationship of validation and comfort seeking from Mum (metaphorically grasping for her breast to fill their yearning) and transferring and projecting that same validation-seeking and attachment to their girlfriend, partner or wife.

It’s learning to uncouple, unravel, and dismantle the relationships and energetic binds in our lives that have created an outside authority that (through our conditioning over time), we have learned how to “please or appease;”

That, whether consciously and unconsciously, we’ve modified ourselves, our expression, our emotions and our behavior to continue to meet the conditions that would allow us to keep the resources flowing to us from.

So what happens when that chord is cut?

In the absence of vision quests and the tribal rites of passage we used to go through;

What happens when the time comes to face our own initiation into maturation?

Do we scurry, hustle, and try try try to MAKE something happen with our minds, from a place of pressure, scarcity, inadequacy or fear?

Or do we choose to turn to the true creative Source?

Allowing ourselves to surrender to feeling all of the discomfort;

While also cultivating our vessels to receive the Divine creative inspiration that’s always available;

Quietening down so we can receive that transmission of inspiration;

Applying our gifts to express and articulate into form that seed of creativity that we’ve received;

And plant it in a culture imbued with the nourishment and elements that will support it to grow and blossom?

The video that I’m linking in this post gives a window into some of what our small group is up to right now.

Some examples of how we have been choosing to navigate these turbulent times;

After the little glimpses that you’re seeing (and what you’re not seeing is that for much of the morning the small group joined us live on zoom video conference), we held a creative writing circle — where 8 of us participated.

What emerged were some of the most exquisitely beautiful creative expressions from a set of diverse perspectives, articulating unique aspects of this genesis and individuation story arc that so many of us are now riding, both individually and collectively.

I look forward to sharing the fruits of it with you in due course.

And I’m curious what awesomeness you folks are up to?

With love and blessings to you and your #quaranteam during these unprecedented times.



Anna Margolis

As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration