Is The Creative Principle Weaving The New Story Through Us, Right Now?

Anna Margolis
4 min readMar 30, 2020

In yesterday’s article I mentioned that after a morning of movement and meditation for a small group of us over Zoom, we held a creative writing circle — where 8 of us participated.

Now, to be clear, yesterday wasn’t the first day of our morning practice of movement, meditation and chi machine energy shake-ups.

A handful of us have been putting attention on beginning to cultivate our vessels in this way for around 3 weeks now, and over the weeks, as close friends have inquired what we’re up to, more people have hopped in to participate along the way and a small non-local group (as in, we’re not all in the same #quaranteam houses) has now formed.

Just to be clear, this small group of people is comprised of people who have been building relationship with each other for the past couple of years, more or less, and have established a foundation of:

— An Overarching Shared Vision;
— A Shared Set of Guiding Cultural Values;
— No Time Constraint Around the Vision or The Relationships;
— Non-Transactionality in the Interactions and Creative Endeavors;
— Freedom for their Full Self-Expression (Emotionally and Creatively);
— An Orientation to Surrendered Leadership; and
— Holding Each Other in Unconditional Positive Regard

I list these in the interests of being transparent that this is not an arbitrary group.

And because I don’t believe the items listed are arbitrary factors.

And so, yesterday was only Day 4 of our non-local small group practicing in the morning together.

But it was the first day that we all chose to sit down together afterwards and participate in a creative writing circle together.

What emerged were some of the most exquisitely beautiful creative expressions articulating unique aspects of two key collective story arcs that I’m tracking playing out right now:

(a) A New Genesis Story

One that recognizes and integrates Humanity’s current evolutionary story arc, up until now.

And that’s now lovingly calling us into a new story.


(b) A Story of Individuation and Sovereignty

One that speaks to the end of attachments and dependencies that would now hinder a process of growth and maturation into a free Being who is in direct relationship, communion and service with/to the one true Source.

This story feels like it’s now lovingly inviting and paving the way for people to surrender to this natural process of involution, meaning

“that period of time devoted to……the building of the vehicles through which the spirit in man manifests.”

What’s notable is that the only prompt for the writing circle was “The Simple Truth of My Heart Is……”

So no one was prepared in any particular way and no one was writing to any preconceived storyline.

And yet, as you’ll see as I continue to share what emerged, it’s uncanny how the messages all weave together so coherently, (in a way that I notice my inner meaning-maker is feeling a deep reverence for).

Hitherto, my question in the title:


I’ll be curious to hear what you think as the stories unfold?


The first story I want to share is from a 22-year old badass, called Brooke Harmon.

To me, her transmission kicks off the New Genesis Story, beautifully by taking us right back to a time before time.

To the very point of our Origin.

To fractal beginnings.

Where energy emerged from nothingness and evolved all the way into the elegantly ordered complexity that is now the modern human;

With our self-awareness, our self-expression, social interaction and technological sophistication;

I receive her transmission as a powerful call to responsibility in our decisions and actions for the new world that is now unfolding through us;

As we birth this new simultaneous universe, bringing all the wisdom that’s embedded in our DNA, for the benefit all who come before and after us.

She asks, “How will you choose to play?”



“The simple truth of my heart lies within a deep inner knowing. An inner feeling of a remembrance. Of a time before time. Where everything existed in perfect harmony. When the fractal of our solar system began. From 0 came 1 and 2. Creating 3 and so on.

Energies called forth from 0, all carrying a piece of the essence.

With directives came a sense of individualism.

Followed by the sensitivity and understanding, rhythm and attraction.

Paving the way for self expression, communication and social interaction.

These in place, order occurs, a concentration of energy taking form from the formless.

With freedom came decision making.

Then came balance and social responsibility.

From the seeking of answers emerged introspection, to rest in stillness to analyze what all has occurred thus far.

With knowledge came power and responsibility in how it’s used. Reaping what has been sown.

Concluding with the wisdom of all that has occurred and the ability to share knowledge and understanding with others. All wrapped in universal love and total understanding. There is no waste here, input is exchanged for output.

And now here we are, trillions of years later. Formed out of the formless, with our individualism, sensitivity, expression, order, sense of balance, ability to analyze, knowledge and responsibility, and the gift of sharing all we have learned with others. By ways of voice, by books and movies, via the internet and the collective consciousness. All occurrences embedded in DNA. Fully accessible.

We each go through our own unique version of cycles in life that are a gift to all those who come before and after us. Transmissions uploaded into the whole, the one, infinite creator. As we are all our own unique expression of.

Everything perfect, all part of self seeing self. How will you choose to play? How will we choose to play? What is our part to upload?”

By Brooke Harmon



Anna Margolis

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