He Really Believes in You

Anna Margolis
3 min readMar 31, 2020

The next story I want to share from our creative writing circle a few days ago, is by a beautiful and magical being, called Bobby Beckner (better known to many of us who love him, as Merlin More).

To me, his transmission represents the next stage in the unfolding New Genesis Story that my pattern-recognizing-meaning-maker, has been witnessing and discerning, beaming at me through my lens.

In the midst of these current circumstances, it’s a beautiful and empowering expression from the Masculine, speaking in the unconditionally loving and deeply supportive voice of the Father.

Merlin’s piece is a powerful and heartfelt expression of His belief in what we, both as individuals, and as humanity are capable of.

Guiding us through seeing how ALL of our experience, the whole evolutionary story that exists in our DNA, that we’ve already lived through, that’s brought us here….

…..has prepared us for this very moment.

This New Genesis.

Congratulating us for having made it.

Highlighting all of our great accomplishments.

And reminding us of the devastation we can create when those same capabilities are debased and abused.

It permeates into me like the voice of the Father, viscerally having the effect of opening my heart as he greets our now integrated selves;

Standing in readiness at the threshold of a set of majestic gates of Light;

Ones that mark the entrance-way to a citadel of Light;

That in turn represents the aperture to a whole new world.

A New Genesis.

One that our minds must die to enter.

And that our hearts must resonate with the Soul’s harmonic to continue to participate in as an individuated aspect, in a magnificent collective symphony.

It’s exquisite…..and I feel honoured to be sharing it.

With blessings,



The simple truth of my heart is that I believe in you.

I believe in everything you are capable of doing.

You represent hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

Do you remember how you got here?

You survived great floods.

You survived earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires all across this world.

You were hit with asteroids, comets, meteors.

You were eaten alive by enormous creatures.

You were poisoned by tiny ones.

You were infected with disease after disease after disease.

Do you remember how you felt?

You were so cold without fire.

You were so hungry without food.

You were so lonely without each other.

Because you are here, you made it.

Do you realize what you are capable of?

You have crossed seemingly infinite oceans.

You have built towering monuments.

You have traveled to the depths of the sea and the far reaches of space.

You have built entire systems of belief, religion, and government.

And you have completely destroyed them.

You have murdered hundreds of thousands of each other.

You have raped, pillaged, and taken from each other.

You have enslaved and imprisoned each other.

Do you realize what you are capable of?

— -

Still pendulum, will you swing for us?

Silent drum, will you beat for us?

Our hearts lie in wait for tune.

Our minds are slaughtered.

We yearn for a muse.

A real ethos.

A harbinger of soul.

To cascade our soliloquy.

To rally our tenets.

Low, born a man.

Low, born a woman.

The simple truth of my heart is that I believe in you.

I believe in everything you are capable of doing.

by Merlin More (a.k.a Bobby Beckner)



Anna Margolis

As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration