Forming Co-Founder Agreements is a Sacred Act of Initiation

  • Ownership/equity — and whether that’s fixed or dynamic,
  • Fixed and variable compensation — what’s static or base pay, and what’s performance pay;
  • Decision-making — does everyone need to agree, can people act autonomously and how do we vote on key decisions;
  • Resource Allocation — what deserves money, how much and whose responsible for ensuring it gets there; and
  • Conflict resolution — what happens if we disagree or you do something that seriously impacts what I’m doing and that affects our revenue generation or ability to serve.
  • A bunch of floating single cells or orbs gravitate by attraction towards one cell or orb that appears to be radiating with the strongest Light;
  • As those cells come closer together, through sharing stories, learning of their longstanding respective devotion to the common vision, aligning around a set of shared values, they fall into a kind of casual orbit with one another;
  • Through First Action (which entails articulating the vision or creating an artifact to externalise the Light that’s held inside), the cell or orb that’s radiating with the strongest Light, distributes the primary colours in the spectrum of Light to the other cells — one turns blue, one turns red, the other yellow;
  • Over time, as they continue circulating in orbit with one another, sharing their respective coloured perspectives, bonds start to form between them, connecting them together with more consistency and continuity;
  • At first those connections are rather shaky and unstable, and it takes a lot of energy for the cells or orbs to consistently shine their coloured perspective into the group, and to maintain their attention on holding the relationships in place — any slight disturbance risks destabilising them;
  • As more time passes, in order to free up as much of the cells or orbs energy to shine into the central shared vision, it becomes clear that it would be supportive for them to stabilise themselves by formalising the bonds, pitching up in a particular location, laying a foundation and anchoring them in the context of their environment.



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Anna Margolis

Anna Margolis


As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration