Do We Have To Let Go of The Hierarchy to Keep The Love and Freedom In Business?

Anna Margolis
5 min readNov 4, 2020

When the 4 of us in our team first came together, one thing that was common to all of us was how much we valued our freedom.

Paul had been operating out in the world as the Freedom Coach for years;

I had left my corporate job as a lawyer, started, grown and sold a licensed business, and was in the inquiry of what to do next with the proceeds of sale; ideally that would create maximum freedom and fulfillment for me;

Diana had recently finished her Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology and had been on her way to Hawaii with a one-way ticket when she met and fell in love with Paul; and

Max had been building websites freelance from the age of 9, and had put up with all of 6 months in corporate, before choosing to pursue a life as a relationship coach.

We found each other because we had all been drawn into relationship with Paul for different reasons;

Diana as his intimate partner, me as his client and Max as his friend.

After we all met, we found that we kept gravitating together.

Paul, Diana and Max moved in together in Boulder Colorado, and I was traveling around on a cosmic treasure hunt (after selling the licensed business) and inexplicably kept finding myself gravitating back around the firepit on their back porch in Colorado.

It was around that fire pit that we would spend hours sharing our life stories and weaving our (i) perspectives on; and (ii) visions for the world;

In the business, technology, climate and relationship landscapes.

After 8 or 9 months of weaving our shared reality and our shared vision, coalescing and recognizing how aligned we were in what we intrinsically desired…

…..there was a miraculous influx of resources;

And I say miraculous, because it came from surrendered generosity, in the form of an unconditional gift, entirely non-transactionally.

Which removed the remaining practical impediment to us choosing to engage in a creative business endeavour together.

Anna Margolis

As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration