DAO Discovery — Twitter Spaces with Trippy Bunny Tribe — Summary

Anna Margolis
9 min readApr 14, 2022
Conversation 8th April 2022

Fxnction was part of the original Trippy Bunnies (‘TBs’) team.

He donated 100% of the mint funds, $220k, to a suicide prevention charity, which attracted a lot of attention. Since then Fxnction has teamed up with the Joes and a big piece of that was his interest in the distributed organisation Constitution.

This conversation was therefore born of the reality that there are similarities in the natural way TB’s DAO is forming and the way the Joes’ Constitution is arranged, so the two teams wanted to spend the next few discussions high-level brainstorming and discussing what the implementation of that in the TB ecosystem might look like.


The community loved what TB was about and what it stood for, and organically over time the community members started wanting to do more.

They started to see a pattern where people who loved the project wanted to do more for it, so they had these sub-groups of people leading their own projects on the side. One of these was a group planning on doing an event, an Easter 4:20 event, so in enticing that TBs wanted to make it easier for them to organise and to give back to the members who want to contribute and see the TBs grow.

Launching TBs was Fxnction’s first experience with launching an NFT. The original core team and him wanted to launch something unique for the Solana ecosystem and do it differently than it had ever been done (which is why he did the charity thing).

After the mint and the donation, the community just rallied around TBs and making their own derivatives and contributing in unique ways. So when he came back to Colorado and read the Constitution that JS and RHH wrote with their teammates, and connected it to DAOs and how the TB community was taking command and direction of the project.

After one of the recent spaces TBs reached out to Fxnction to hop on a call, and they felt that Joe Shmoes’ Constitution would be a perfect fit for what TB had already. They were missing the core structure, because everything had been naturally forming.

A big reason for this space is a bunch of different spheres have already come together to form their own…



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