DAO Discovery: Twitter Spaces with Matrica — Summary

Anna Margolis
6 min readApr 13, 2022

The project started in Oct 2021 as a generative art project called Pixels, always with the intention of growing Web 3 applications, with a focus on building tools for DAOs.

They currently have around 550 clients.


When they started their foundational tool and main features were Discord verification that supported advanced rules for different roles and they experienced that things can get pretty advanced and granular with that.

This lends itself well to something like emulating a start up where you could have different positions in the company having different rules, which works well in a gamification style set-up. Within each of the roles, can you set independent permissions to different channels (in the most complex case someone created permissions for 100 different roles). So you can set up which channels can be accessed with which role and then on their side Matrica applies the NFT logic to that.

So in order to get access to whatever role in Discord, you need to have a particular combination of NFTs. Which adds a level of engagement to the community and creates a gamified experience, as people unlock different features with this gating concept.

So within a collection you could have a subset of NFTs you can assign to people, and then use those as triggers to get into the different communication channels that they need access to.

Which is really as far as a lot of DAOs have gotten at this stage; they’re voting, and doing stuff in Discord, and organising the communication channels to make collective decisions.

They also have now built a sales bot that interacts with that, which creates more engagement and transparency about what’s happening.

They are then releasing DAO voting in 1–2 weeks, and are just testing it now. That will allow people to create proposals, vote on a proposal with NFTs and vote with multiple NFTs at once (so whales don’t have to vote with each one individually).

They are also looking into supporting staking because staking is a big thing now, which is a tricky…



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