DAO Discovery: Twitter Spaces with BlockbusterDAO

Anna Margolis
6 min readApr 11, 2022

Part of a series of DAO Governance and Tools explorations and discussions with active DAOs, hosted by Fxnction & Jedi Sherpa (Joe Shmoes’ Not-So-Average Club)

Retrieved from Blockbuster/Airbnb on August 12, 2020


* Where are DAOs at in their evolution?

* What’s it going to take to get them to work right, put them together and make them functional entities?

* The value of core vision, values, and roadmap documents being created prior to the Constitution and key governance documents

* How do DAOs create a set of documents that are open enough to keep it participatory and changeable as new people enter the ecosystem and allow it evolve rather than the documents becoming immutable?

* The necessity for DAOs to be connected with corporate entities in order to plug in cleanly and seamlessly into a world arena, interact with default reality, execute, take action and pay participants (and how to potentially navigate the SEC in this regard).


In terms of where DAOs are at in their evolution and what it’s going to take to get them to work as functional entities, one of the main questions/ considerations seems to be whether, in reality, some centralised execution is needed at the front end by the founding team to do things like raise funds and navigate legal issues like legal set-up and potential IP negotiations.

Since not everyone has expertise in these areas, there’s a risk that democratising these matters could actually be more chaotic than helpful, particularly in communities with thousands of NFT holders, community members and potential participants.

And whilst there’s a lot of high expectations of idealists who want to build totally flat structures in the space, it seems from Fxnction and Jedi Sherpa’s recent conversations with ConstitutionDAO and BlockbusterDAO, that some key groundwork and decision-making may well need to happen at the front end by the founding team to move the needle forwards on projects, even among teams…



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