DAO Discovery: Twitter Spaces with BanditoDAO — Summary

Anna Margolis
6 min readApr 15, 2022

Why the culture of a DAO is of utmost importance to the scalability of a community and how technical solutions and governance protocols aren’t rate limiting factors anymore.

Key topics included:

  1. Clarify mission-values-goals
  2. Establish the DAO construct (infrastructure) — roles, incentives, models, governance, tokenomics etc.
  3. Build strong culture/community
  4. Then implement procedures to grow and scale.

BanditoDAO is a sub-DAO of the MonkeDao comprised of the owners of Monke NFT’s wearing sombreros, of which there are only 98. The conversation kicked off with Panchito from BanditoDAO sharing how he and several others created this sub-DAO to see what’s possible within a smaller community.

Lolli from BanditoDAO underlined how critical it is to have strong and clear governance, clarity of roles and scope of everyone’s functions, and clearly defined objectives.

Once the foundational structure was in place, they ran into the issue, how do you scale? One of the clear distinguishing characteristics between the larger DAO and smaller DAO is that there’s a level of nimbleness and efficiency with decision-making within the smaller group.

Lolli created several governance docs to define the vision and mission of BanditoDao, how they can keep the message, while expanding and still keeping the message strong. He passed them around the group to get feedback, and most of what he wrote was agreed upon.

Being a smaller group made it easier to agree upon language quickly.

He saw that he was pushing people away from DAO structuring tools like Squads, etc. because it adds an additional step for people to add in their 2 cents regarding a proposal. Many participants are already within many Discord channels and polls within Discord may be enough to capture voting and make it easy for the DAO to vote…adding another step could deter many from voting.

Natural progression of the formation of a DAO:



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