DAO Discovery: Governance & Tools Exploration Series

Anna Margolis
5 min readApr 12, 2022


For those of you who have ever followed my writings you know that I’ve been super interested in questions around distributed and decentralised governance for some time now.

Having spent a number of years in an exploration of how to create a Constitution and Operating Agreement to support us as a small team to come together and co-create a distributed partnership agreement, that would off-set the usual power dynamics of a typical startup hierarchy, I’ve since written pretty extensively around what we learnt about equity and dynamic ownership, culture-creation, distributed decision-making and voting, resource allocation and compensation, and conflict resolution, among other things,

Well, now that conversation is evolving out of the small group context and to the next level in the NFT and DAO space. As such, this series of Medium articles will be sharing what we’ve been learning about DAO Governance and the most supportive tools, through a series of Twitter Spaces and Discord discussions with actively operating DAOs; and how, through what we’re discovering, the Constitution (and Operating Agreement) we had devised for distributing governance in a small core team context can now be modified and applied to this wider DAO context.



Close to a month ago the 4 guys in our crew launched their first NFT project, called Joe Shmoes’ Not-So-Average Club.

It was an experiment to learn how to navigate the NFT space, and discover what it takes to create the artwork, mint the NFTs, build the Discord channel, cultivate an active community, create a salient narrative around the project, build relationships with a blockchain marketplace and get listed on their launchpad.

The project was listed on 18 March on Magic Eden on the Solana blockchain and sold out within 12 hours — all 1,111 NFTs.

But in truth, this project was less about short term revenue generation, or ongoing revenue generation from the secondary sales, and far more about how these small groups who are spinning up successful NFT projects in the decentralized space (like DeGods which are selling for $10k+…

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