DAO Discovery: Discussion of DAOs with Austin Virts and ThugDAO — Summary

Anna Margolis
11 min readApr 16, 2022


Austin Virt — Currently helps out at Solana, does advisory research on NFT and DAO research on DAO tooling.

ThugDAO — Has a DAO counsel of 7 people, and 6 DAO committees with 30 people working in each. Each committee has their own function: marketing, BD partnerships, creative committee, product/tech committee. Votes are run for 36 hours inside. They each have a committee Lead, who is participating on the multi-sig wallet, they are the de facto face of their committee, and they build and approve proposals for that committee.

The 6 different ones are building their own roadmaps for what they want to accomplish for the ThugDAO.

They have a multi-sig wallet using Squads, where they are collecting royalties for ThugDAO and HatLabs (50:50). Right now there is one multi-sig wallet, but they are talking internally to see if they need more.

They use NFT voting where the entire committee comes in and votes. There is also limited group voting for the DAO counsel that uses the multi-sig wallet for voting.


JS — So that compels a scenario where the whole group has to come to consensus or arrive at a decision on issues around transactions?



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