Are You Open And In Divine Alignment To Receive Your Team And the Flow of Abundant Resources To Actualize Your Vision Now?

  • Coming into connection and right relationship with a group of people;
  • Such that your vision can distribute and become a truly Shared Vision thatโ€™s collectively held;
  • So that you can truly collaborate, cohere and co-create with one another.
  • A deeply inspiring, impassioned and compelling Shared Vision that keeps us in the game;
  • Robust energetic architecture of Shared Values that stabilise our โ€˜whyโ€™ all the way down to the sacred geometric levels of existence;
  • Aligned and agile agreements that ensure weโ€™re in right relationship with each other and the existing system as we root down and open the channels to receive; and
  • To invest in first class support and outside perspectives for when the polarisation and emotional intensity peaks and/or our blindspots are too obscured for us to see.



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Anna Margolis

Anna Margolis


As a former lawyer, Anna merges material world memories, tales of transformation and embodied experience in articulating the future of collaboration